Warranty Information

We provide 1 year limited UK warranty for any electric scooter purchased through us. Unlike other sellers, your scooter does not need to be sent back to China for repair and all repairs will be performed by Monorim or their partner in the UK.

We hold most of the spare parts in the UK and we have an extensive experience in repairing Xiaomi.

Please note that for repair we might use both genuine and aftermarket parts.

Our warranty cover includes:

  • 1 year full UK warranty on vehicle body and manufacturing defects
  • 3 month full UK warranty for the battery
  • 30 days full UK warranty for other electronics and firmware related

Please note that we do provide warranty service only if your scooter develops a fault through normal use (as per manufacturers manual) and if the scooter has been not altered in any way. 

Furthermore, any fault caused due to misuse of the scooter including water ingress or external damage is not covered by this policy. The warranty is void if the scooter has been serviced or modified by anyone other than an authorised partner. Please ensure your read the manual in detail before using your electric scooter in order not to void your warranty.

Monorim is not liable for any repairs which includes tyre punctures, disc brakes, kick-stand, lights, reflective stickers, cable damage or any other consumables which would wear out/occur within normal use of the scooter.

Like with any type of vehicle, customer should expect and be responsible to do some minor maintenance and adjustment time to time. It is very important to follow these practises:

  • Avoid riding in a rain. For Xiaomi M365/Pro the water can get into display, battery compartment, it may also damage the rear light. To prevent these, use 3D printed rain cover for Xiaomi M365/Pro's display and the battery compartment seal/foam. Please note that according to manual, you will void your warranty if you ride it in a rain.
  • For Xiaomi M365/Pro constantly inspect the parts which are known to break: see for any bending signs of folding latch, inspect the folding mechanism bolt, inspect the mudguard near three screws. Mudguard is known to snap in that spot due to vibrations. To fix it you may want to install mudguard bracket and never step on the mudguard while riding!
  • For any electric scooter, especially Xiaomi Pro make sure to set your battery regeneration/recovery to weak. Never charge it all the way up to 100% and then go downhill or at a fast speed and use sudden braking. Even at a weak setting, moving wheels generate power and when your battery is nearly full, it may not be able to handle all that energy and will result in blown up controllers.
  • Never customise/hack your firmware and as mentioned in the previous point, it is very likely to damage your controllers, battery and other consumables.
  • For Xiaomi scooters, constantly check the tire pressure. Make sure to pump them up to 3.5-4 bars. This will help to prevent flats and any wear to the inner tube.
  • Always check for any loose screws in the handlebar and make sure they are tight. This has been fixed in the latest versions, but it's still recommended to double check regularly.

In general, it is very important to drive responsibly and do not abuse the scooter.

However, if you do manage to break some parts and if it is not covered by our warranty we are always here for our customers and are able to provide a cost-effective solution.

For our previous customers we do provide replacement parts at a discounted price. Please get in touch with us at contact@Monorim.com, quoting your order number and your issue.

Most of the time, the smaller parts are easily replaceable and can be performed by a customer.

If you do have any further questions about your warranty free to get in touch with us!