About us


At @monorim uk, we are especially concerned about the planet. We love our seasons, we love a crispy and orange fall, we love a cold and snowy winter, we love a blooming spring and a hot flavoured summer. We love a good run and breathing in fresh and clean air. We are truly grateful for sea baths and deliciously translucid water. We do love fishes, not that much in our plates than freely swimming in the ocean.

Therefore, we were so keen on adopting and promoting Scooty. No cars, no motorbikes, less traffic, no smoke, no pollution.

Scooty is a great way to roam freely around the city, enjoying its charming sights along your way to work, and contributing to a cleaner urban air.


At @monorim uk, we also love the exciting sense of freedom and independence that your own mean of transportation offers you. Every single of our customers experienced this feeling at the very first ride. Some of them came to collect their Scooty at our collection point in West Hampstead, London. Some came with the stuffed and hot underground, some with a crowded bus, some of them walking. And they all went back riding on their new friend, empowered with a new sense of freedom.

Now it's your turn. Join the Scooteam.